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Lifang Chen


Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering





Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry, Colorado School of Mines, USA  (Prof. Ryan Richards)

M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry, Fudan University (Prof. Yong Cao)

Bachelor in Chemistry, Hubei University

Professional Experience


School of Chemical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), Shanghai, China

Research Interests

Solvent intensified heterogeneous catalytic processes

  • Innovative solvent intensified processes 

  • Integrated reaction and separation processes 

  • Modeling and simulation of complex systems

Funding and Research Projects

  1. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Succinic acid hydrogenation over atomically dispersed palladium catalysts (21476084, 2015.01-2018.12)

  2. National Natural Science Foundation of China, The liquid-phase oxidation of alcohols by catalyzed by gold nanoreactors (21006029, 2011.01-2013.12)

  3. PetroChina Innovation Foundation, A multi-scale simulation approach for screening ionic liquids for extractive distillation of alkanes and cycloalkanes (2015D-5006-0501, 2015.10.01-2017.09.31)

  4. Shanghai Natural Science Foundation, The selective alkanes oxidation based on highly efficient gold nanoreactors (10ZR1407200, 2010.01.01-2012.12.31)

  5. Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, Integration technology for biomass-derived succinic acid (WA1313007, 2013.06-2017.05)

  6. Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, Enhanced visible light photocatalystic activity over metal oxides with exposed polar surface, (WA0911015, 2009.11-2011.10)

  1. Wenrong Cao, Zhenyou Gui, Lifang Chen*, Xuedong Zhu, and Zhiwen Qi. Facile synthesis of sulfate-doped Ag3PO4 with enhanced visible light photocatalystic activity. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2017, 200, 681-689.

  2. Daili Peng, Jianan Zhang, Hongye Cheng, Lifang Chen*, and Zhiwen Qi*. Computer-aided ionic liquid design for separation processes based on group contribution method and COSMO-SAC model. Chemical Engineering Science, 2017, 159, 58-68.

  3. Zhenyou Gui, Wenrong Cao, Shunmugavel Saravanamurugan, Anders Riisager, Lifang Chen,* and Zhiwen Qi*. Efficient aerobic oxidation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural in aqueous media with Au–Pd supported on zinc hydroxycarbonate. ChemCatChem, 2016, 8, 3636-3643

  4. Chi Zhang, Wenrong Cao, Hongye Cheng, Lifang Chen, * and Zhiwen Qi, Regenerable Subnanometer Pd Clusters on zirconia for highly selective hydrogenation of biomass-derived succinic acid in water. Catalysts, 2016, 6, 100; doi:10.3390/catal6070100

  5. Zhenyou Gui, Wenrong Cao, Lifang Chen,* and Zhiwen Qi*. Propene carbonate intensified cyclohexane oxidation over Au/SiO2 catalyst. Catalysis Communication, 2015, 64, 58-61.

  6. Wenrong Cao, Lifang Chen,* and Zhiwen Qi*. Microwave-assisted synthesis of Ag/Ag2SO4/ZnO nanostructures for efficient visible-light-driven photocatalysis. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 2015, 401, 81-89.

  7. Lifang Chen, Juncheng Hu, Feng Lin, Christopher Cadigan, Wenrong Cao, Zhiwen Qi,* Marta Pozuelo, Sergey V. Prikhodko, Suneel Kodambakad and Ryan M. Richards*. Self-assembled single-crystalline ZnO nanostructures, CrystEngComm, 2013, 15, 3780-3784.

  8. Cuihua Wang, Lifang Chen,* and Zhiwen Qi*. One-pot synthesis of gold nanoparticles embedded in silica for cyclohexane oxidation. Catalysis Science and Technology, 2013, 3, 1123-1128.

  9. Lifang Chen, G. Jeremy Leong, Maxwell Schulze, Huyen N. Dinh, Bryan Pivovar, Juncheng Hu, Zhiwen Qi,* Yunjin Fang, Sergey Prikhodko, Marta Pozuelo, Suneel Kodambaka and Ryan M. Richards*. Controlled synthesis of nanoscale icosahedral gold particles at room temperature. ChemCatChem, 2012, 4, 1661-1667.

  10. Lifang Chen, Juncheng Hu, Zhiwen Qi, Yunjin Fang, Ryan Richards*. Gold nanoparticles intercalated into the walls of mesoporous silica as a versatile redox catalyst. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2011, 50, 13642–13649.

Selected Publications

Contact Info

Office: +86- 21-64250935
Fax: +86- 21-64253528
Address: PO Box 369, Meilong Road 130, Shanghai 200237, China

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