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Zhen Song

Zhenyou Gui


Lei Qin    

Wenrong Cao

Chi Zhang


Jun Li        

Long Chen

Liwei Tong      

Shaohua Zheng

Jingjing Zhang 

Jinwei Zhang

Zizheng Chen    

Yanting An    

Dian Yu        

Xueqing Kang

Daili Peng    

Jianan Zhang

Chenjia You     

Zhaoxian Lyu

Xin Xu 

Xi Chen

Cuihua Wang

Yujie Ma

Peipei Huang      

Gai Miao    

Feng Shao

Chuan Huang

Wei Tan   

Chilin Deng

Teng Zhou

Weiren Song

Kun Feng      

Xiaojie Zhang

Jin He

Graduate Thesis 


Computer-aided screening and designof ionic liquids as solvents for deep extractive desulfurization processes of fuel oils (2017)

Selective oxidation of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural with novel catalysts (2017)

Enhanced recovery of natural vitamin E from deodorizer distillate by extractive separation using ionic liquid and analogue as solvent (2016)

Photocatalytic properties of modified ZnO and Ag3PO4 nano-photocatalysts (2016)

Subnanometer dispersed Pd catalyst for succinic acid selective hydrogenation  (2016)

Intensification of CO2 capture by mixed solvent systems based on alkanolamines or ionic liquids with polyethylene glycols as co-solvent (2015)

Ionic liquid-based biomass deconstruction and utilization process (2014)

Study of methyl acetate hydrolysis directly intensified by auxiliary reaction in the process of reactive distillation (2014)


Investigation of different green solvents for biobuthanol recovery (2017)

Screening of deep eutectic solvents for deep extractive desulfurization of fuel oils (2017)

Corrosion of steel in 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium hydrogen sulfate ionic liquid systems for desulfurization application (2017)

Synthesis and adsorption properties of H2TiO3 adsorbent  (2017)

Synthesis and photocatalystic activity of bismuth based semiconductor composites (2017)

Reactive extraction based ionic liquid for caproic acid esterification (2017)

Simulation of direct synthesis of DMC from methanol and CO2 intensified by reactive distillation with side reactor (2016)

Computer-aided ionic liquid solvent design for separation process based on group contribution method and COSMO-SAC model (2016)

COSMO-descriptor based computer-aided ionic liquid design for separation process (2016)

Synthesis and performance of novel palladium catalysts for the hydrogenation of succinic acid to γ-butyrolactone (2015)

Simulation based ionic liquid screening for benzene-cyclohexane extractive separation (2015)

Synthesis of MnO2·0.5H2O ion-sieve via microwave irradiation method (2014)

Simulation and analysis of ethylene polymerization using gPROMS platform (2014)


Synthesis and performance of novel nano-gold catalysts for cyclohexane oxidation (2014)

Recovery of lithium from salt lake brine by composite adsorbent (2013)

Recovery of lithium from salt lake brine by ion exchange resin (2013)

Preparation and photocatalysis of TiO2 nanoparticles (2012)

Simulation of reactive distillation process of methyl acetate hydrolysis based on gPROMS (2012)

The application of advanced process control system in gas separation plants (2012) 

​Simulation and analysis of plant wide methanol production in coal chemical industry (2011)

Macrokinetics study of isobutene hydration in mixed C4 hydrocarbons (2011)

Investigation of ionic liquid as solvent for extractive separation of benzene and cyclohexane (2011)

Simulation and emulation of methanol distillation process in large-scale coal chemical industry (2011)

Screening ionic liquid as solvents for captring CO2 based on molecule simulation (2011)

Simulation and analysis of reactive distillation using gPROMS platform (2011)

Reactive distillation based macrokinetics study on isobutene oligomerization (2010) 

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