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Welcome to the group headed by Professor Zhiwen Qi. The Max Planck Partner Group was established by the Max Planck Society of Germany and the State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering at the East China University of Science and Technology in 2010. We focus on process intensification and green chemical processes, mainly on design and analysis of innovative solvent intensified separation and reaction processes, analysis and development of integrated processes, modeling and simulation of complex systems, and preparation of nano-sized catalysts. We are particularly interested in processes involving solvents like ionic liquids, deep eutectic solvents and polymers.

The group currently has 3 teachers, more than 20 PhD candidates and master students. Most Ph.D. students from this group are recommended to Imperial College London, Max Planck Institute and other famous universities or research institutions for joint training programs. Moreover, many students received honors and awards of highest level during their graduate period.

In recent years, Prof. Qi's group has conducted or participated in more than 20 projects funded by Max Planck Society, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Shanghai government and Jiangsu Provincial government, etc.

We welcome interested scholars and students with new ideas! We particularly welcome students at home and abroad with strong career ambition and positive initiative!



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